Bekijk hier alle installaties die te zien waren op PLAY, de eerste editie van Triënnale Kortrijk (23 juni - 11 november 2018).
Iheavybags web 1534499238

"I" Heavy Bags

Stefan Brüggemann, MX
Adult games lores 1527692180

Adult Games

Erkan Özgen, TR
Arenadosdemayo carlos amorales 1527254571

Arena Dos de Mayo

Carlos Amorales, MX
Bed jennifer rubell drone 1530022100


Jennifer Rubell, US
Brick play 1534497115

Brick Play

MAP 13, ES
Casino guillaumebijl 1527686942


Guillaume Bijl, BE
Rist daszimmer 1534498723

Das Zimmer (The Room)

Pipilotti Rist, CH
Democracy game lores 1527691923

Democracy Game

Meschac Gaba, BJ
Dynamo lores 1526654734

Dynamo Kyiv

Lang/Baumann, CH
Goldenshoes feldmann lores 1527687312

Golden shoes with pins on black velvet

Hans-Peter Feldmann, DE
Heavenandearth 1534499130

Heaven and Earth

Tere Recarens, ES
I am prepared for you markus sixay4 1530023564

I am prepared for you

Markus Sixay, DE
Invisibleforces 1534499031

Invisible Forces

Dane Mitchell, NZ
Dsc3497 1533738031


Carsten Höller, BE
Carsten holler 1533738094

Killing Children "220 Volts"

Carsten Höller, BE
Mb5 1527694171

La Rivoluzione Siamo Noi

Marc Bijl, NL
Les bikes de bois rond 1527240918

Les Bikes de Bois Rond

Gavin Turk, GB
Manifest destiny continued piero golia6 1530023225

Manifest destiny

Piero Golia, IT
30 flowers 1527691661

Michael Jackson: 30 Flowers, 40 Flowers

Paul Mccarthy, US
Modified social bench web 1534496723

Modified Social Bench #02

Jeppe Hein, DK
Modified social bench 05 jeppe hein2 1530023949

Modified Social Bench NY #05

Jeppe Hein, DK
Oraganisationoflove 1533737855

Organisation of Love

Erwin Wurm, AT
Outofsight web 1534497001


Lawrence Weiner, US
Hyber 1527693479

P.O.F. N° 3, Balançoire

Fabrice Hyber, FR
2008 01 133 img 1 1527252089

P.O.F. N° 65, Ballon Carré

Fabrice Hyber, FR
Panem delvoye 1534498858

Panem et Circenses

Wim Delvoye, BE
Dsc3532 1534497220

Peter Friedl

Peter Friedl, AT
Pinball 1534499379

Pinball Wizard

Bernard Joisten, FR
Davi playground pavilion lores 1527691237

Playground Pavilion

Barbara Davi, CH
Playgrounds 2 1527245741


Peter Friedl, AT
Vipag leo copers web 1534496639

Prototype VIPAG

Leo Copers, BE
Rooftop routine video still 4 christian jankowski 1527696582

Rooftop Routine

Christian Jankowski, DE
Say you say me 1527692703

Say You, Say Me

Frederik Van Simaey, BE
Sections of a happy moment 1526313088

Sections of a happy moment

David Claerbout, BE
Singsing web 1534496893

Sing Sing

Frederik Van Simaey, BE
Thinkofspinoza 1534500414

Sit straight, hold your breath and think of Spinoza

Erwin Wurm, AT
Untitled soccer pitch drone 1530023359

Soccer Pitch / cancha de Futbol

Priscilla Monge, CR
Teram garden 1534500171

Teram Garden

Tere Recarens, ES
Qe9b8936 1533737763

The Half Truth

Erwin Wurm, AT
Junglebookproject 1533737938

The Jungle Book Project

Pierre Bismuth, FR
Theland lores 1527690993

The Land

Erin Davis, US

The Sleep of Reasons Produces Monsters

Pierre Bismuth, FR
Soundofcermaics 1534499892

The Sound of Ceramics

Polly Apfelbaum, US
They shouldnt touch lores 1527691671

They Shouldn’t Touch

Paul Mccarthy, US
World on a string lores 1527692456

Track 17 - World on a string

Anna Marín, ES
Untitled slope 1530087340

Untitled (Slope)

Paola Pivi, IT
Untitled 1 1533737670

Untitled (Tennis Balls)

Erwin Wurm, AT
Untitled navid nuur2 1530023294

Untitled' (Distant relations between lovers could fail by the lack of your true focus)

Navid Nuur, IR
When all the world is a hopeless jumble heidi voet3 1533737985

When all the world is a hopeless Jumble

Heidi Voet, BE
Martincreed2 1534499523

Work No. 262 / Half the Air a in Given Space

Martin Creed, GB
Zidane real madrid 1527241664

Zidane. A 21st Century Portrait

Douglas Gordon and Philippe Parreno, GB